The Amazing Amazons Motmot at the Minnesota Zoo

If you’re visiting the Minnesota Zoo and looking for something special, then allow us to suggest a visit to see the incredible amazons motmot. This species of bird is native to the forests of Minnesota and their vibrant green feathers are impossible to miss!

The amazons motmot is distinguished by its long tail feathers which are used as part of an aerial courtship display. Additionally, they reach up to around 10 inches in length so they are easy to spot. Even if you don’t get a good look at them, you’ll know it when one flies by due to the unique “churry-churr” sound they make with their wings and tail feathers.

At the zoo, visitors can observe these birds in a natural habitat setting. They will often be seen hopping from branch to branch or soaring through the air among other species of birds in the aviary.

The amazons motmots also play an important role in balancing local ecosystems. As insectivores and fruit eaters, they help control bug populations as well as spread seeds throughout area forests through defecation (yes…you read that correctly!).

So if you’re looking for something special while visiting the Minnesota Zoo this season don’t forget to check out an amazing amazons motmot!

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